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Senior Diaries: Day 16 The Football Game

Friday was extremely ordinary during the day, that night however was actually a bit eventful. High school football is for some reason I don’t understand, a very big deal. For any non American readers I am not referring to the game the rest of the world calls football and we call soccer (something else I don’t understand) but the game where a bunch of guys try to get the ball and score a touchdown.

I don’t know anything really about football, I stopped watching it with my grandpa when I was about seven but I’ve gone to games since freshman year (9th grade). I go just to see my friends and get out to the house, this game was one I had more reason to go to. This was my first game as a student, it sort this compelled me to go. ¬†Not exactly the best reason to go and spend money getting in but I had four bucks and a simple reason so I went.

My sister took the guy she went to prom with last year and since my friends all blew me off I became a third wheel on my sisters date. We left the game early and went to the lake up the road, half an hour later I was in the car after telling my sister twice it was time to go (I’d been up since 4am and it was now 10:30 pm). She ignored me, even though I had told her that our om wanted us home, I actually called mom to get her in on this.

She just sat by the lake in the light of the full moon under the stars having a nice little romantic half hour while I passed out in the car alone in the dark. Mom called back and got on the phone with her telling her I come home. She finally brought me home and brought the boy with us. I don’t currently I a bedroom to sleep in and have been sleeping on the living room floor, I took me couch that night and was asleep within minutes. My sister and her now boyfriend stayed on the front porch until five.

I don’t want you to think I was being a stick in the mud, I had to go home because I was exhausted to the point of hallucinations and had only eatten a light snack in over 24 hours. I was feeling sick.

When I say the game was eventful, I really mean for my sister. I was pretty bord.

In case you’re curious, I’m pretty sure we won the game. My school’s team sucked almost every year but when we left the gaamethe score was 27 to 7 with us in the lead. I hate to be a pessimist but I think it was a fluke.









Senior Diaries: Day 15

There’s not much of an update but here’s what I’ve been to:

I finished two 500 word papers.

Had a boat load of homework.

Been introduced to Sherlock Holmes and the TV show Sherlock that I am watching at the moment.

Made a new friend in art, her name is Viv

Bought myy senior class shirt (it just says class of 16)

Today we sat on hot bleachers in the direct sunlight for our class picture and I got to wear my class shirt that Viv got for me today (I paid for it but she got it so I wouldn’t miss the bus yesterday.
I think that’s it for now.

Thanks for reading!


Senior Diaries: Day 1

All me too open with an apology, the WiFi has been down and I’ve been exhausted. Sorry for the late up date, I’ll try to be a more frequent updater.

Heres day one as recorded on paper:

Today was my first day as a Senior at my new school. I think it went well. The day started at 5:15am when I got up and is finally ending now at 8:44pm. I’m so tired! I got about 8 hours of sleep which is NOT enough.

I got ready for school anxiously (I wore a black shirt that looks like a dress on me, black leggings, and my new black high heeled boots) and my mom drove me.

My friend Sam was supposed to show me to my first class, well that didn’t happen. They needed to change a bunch of schedules so I went solo into a mass of strangers and got in the wrong line 3 times because I couldn’t figure out where the lines were. It was not a series of straight lines, no. It was a cowd, picture a concert in a small club. I was late to my first class, Criminal Minds in Lit and History, but managed to barely get my Opening Day questions done in time.

My next class was actually in the office as a T.A., they weren’t ready for us so we (myself and 3-4 others) sat in a conference room until the Bell rang.

My third class was in a separate building (my school consists of many) and it was upstairs. I got lost for about 5 minutes but I made it to class on time. I should mention that my nerves were off the walls so to keep calm I kept bouncing my leg which caught my teachers eye
“Are you that egear to get out of my class ma’am?” He asked seriously. I stampeded no about twice when I think he realized I was officially terrified and told me he knew it was hard being at a new school and told me soon the class would feel like extended family. I looked down, feeling the eyes of my teacher and peers looking at me sympathetically.

I had lunch just after that and spent the whole time with Sam, my kindergarten best friend. Gotta love her,my nerves melted the moment I saw her.

My fourth class was in the same room as my first and Sam walked me to it. The teacher recognized me and talked to me after class for a second, I didn’t speak but I smiled and nodded appropriately. I think he’s my favorite. I like his way of talking and I just have a generally good feeling about him. Call it instinct.

I got lost looking for math but only briefly, and I’ll leave this short; I don’t like the teacher and two kids were smoking next to me.

English is my favorite subject. It always has been. My English class class is in a building ment for the overflow students and its H.O.T. hot! Thanks AC doesn’t work very well but I have a cool teacher. He talks like a friend would and our first assignment was literally written on the board ” have some candy” I didn’t get any however it’s pretty cool of him.

Overall the day went well, Monday (probably) I’m going to see about getting one of the T.A. classes (2 nd or 7th) switched for art.


Again sorry about the lateness

Senior Diaries: Day 0

Tomorrow is the big day. To say I’m nervous would be an understatement, I had a panic attack in the store today buying anxiety medicine (so embarrassing) and I’ve been working on getting everything together around the house so I would be totally prepared. I’m not. I’m not even a little prepared. I’m terrified. I’m as ready as I can be though, this will have to do. I have two classes with two different friends which is something to look forward to. I promise to have a better entry tomorrow after school. Wish me luck internet and have a beautiful day.

With Love,

August 2nd was…

My birthday! Hello and welcome to my post, I’m excited because yesterday was my birthday! On Sunday August 2, 1998 I was born (6,210 days ago), I was going to post yesterday but I was unable to due to plans taking longer than expected.

I’ve never been big on my birthday, I don’t like parties and I never have but I did celebrate. We ( my mom, sister, and I) went downtown and walked around for a bit, I know this sounds like a very mundane thing to do but seeing as I live in the middle of nowhere it was like traveling out of town. We walked for a bit and then went to the grocery store before heading home. I had a pretty great day, it definitely got me hyped up for my seventeenth year! I got some nice gifts, spent time with the family, bought me some some candy, and was surprised with a living room decorated with black balloons and streamers. Over all it was a great day!

Before I go, a quick update:
Two days until the Senior Diaries begins.
I finished registration at the high school today and got my ID and schedule

Facebook Friends and “Real” Friends

I’ve never seen my best friend. I have never heard her voice or hugged her, and I’ve never seen her, not really. When I think of my best friend I think of words, not images, I think of tea parties a thousand miles away and words of wisdom, I think of screaming in excitement about our shared loves and tears of joy cried when I realized what actually having a friend felt like. My best friend lives around 1,350 miles away from me, I met her at my online school in the seventh or eighth grade after her brother and I had become friends. She is eighteen, kind, funny, and the greatest friend I’ve ever had. For privacy purposes we’ll call her M.
M and I have a mutual love of alot of things (we like the same books, musicals, shows, etc.) and are actually quite alike, in strange and unplanned moments we have done or bought the same exact things in similar places over a thousand miles apart at the same time. I know her from school so I have verification that she is who she says however Facebook is where our friendship truly formed, I thank God every day for her, her emails are always something to look forward to (even if we don’t talk everyday). She’s done more for me than any of my other “friends” so naturally I take offense when people tell me that it’s not real if its only online, which I hear far too often.
Allow me to explain the parallels between this friendship centered on printed words and the “real” friendships I’ve formed.

My “real” friends:
-Only talk to me if I reach out and if it benefits them soomeway.
-Don’t care about me or anything I say unless they’ll get something for it.
-Are completely ungrateful
-Will turn on me at the drop of the hat.
-Overall are just selfish and don’t care about anything or anyone else.

M. (Facebook friend):
-Goes out of her way to talk to me.
-Cares about and listens to what I have to say/what I think.
-Always thankful whenever I send her things.
-Has always stuck by me (even when her brother used me and broke my heart).
-Went out of here way to send me a card and small birthday/Christmas gift one year (neither of us have money and it was a complete surprise).
-Has always treated me like her friend and has been thankful for the things I’ve done for her.

Overall the girl who I have never really seen, the girl who I only can speak to online, has been a better friend to me than anyone I’ve every met in any way. I don’t think that you have to know someone in person to be real friends, of course you have to be careful but as I said, I know her from school.
I love my best friend and she loves me too, she’s like the second sister I never had, and hopefully next summer I can write about her again and say “I’ve finally seen my best friend”.

What do you think, can you have a best friend and never meet in person?


Old vs New: Google and Yahoo

A while back I had to help my mom send an email, which considering the fact that I am a sixteen year old who has attended an online school most of my life, it should have been a sitch right? Wrong. My mom is the only person I know who still uses Yahoo mail, I know alot of others do as well however Google tends to be more popular. I haven’t used Yahoo since seventh grade so needless to say I didn’t know what I was doing (also I only recently began using ¬†email as Facebook is more convenient). It took fifteen minutes of arguing and countless times saying “what’s this do?” and “did it work?” before I finally figured it out. I was just wondering, am I actually in the minority? What do you use? Facebook? Google? Yahoo?


Thanks for reading!


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